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Acuity will prevent double booking by default, but you can opt to open up more than one appointment at a time for clients to book.With any paid plan, you can allow multiple appointments in the same time slot. That means that two (or more) clients can book appointments for the same time.

HDB will send you a letter to inform you of the appointment date and time and a list of document to bring for the first appointment.Caveat fee of $128.90 is payable in cash, cheque or cashier’s order. After the first appointment, you have to wait for six to eight weeks for the completion day. Troubleshoot Your Appointments Availability | Square Support… Check if the appointment prior to the time slot in question has had extra block time added to it.Online scheduling settings determine which time slots are displayed as available and when they can be selected. Head to the Settings tab of your Appointments dashboard to check Multiple Appointment in Same Time Slot - BirchPress |… Scheduler › Forums › BirchPress Scheduler › Multiple Appointment in Same Time Slot. This topic contains 12 replies, has 2 voices, and was lastIs it possible to provide multiple appointments for the same time slot? (i.e. have five or so available appointments on a single day, all for 6pm?).

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How Long Does it Take to Sell & Buy Your HDB Resale Flat? [Updated 2018] Editor’s Note: As of January 2018 the HDB resale appointment has been reduced to 1. Previously we had to attend 2 appointments with HDB and that itself took an extra 7-8 weeks for the whole process to conclude. Knowing how long exactly it takes to sell and buy a HDB resale flat gives […] HDB owner decided not to sell. - Lite & EZ - MyCarForum.com My fren has applied hdb loan etc for the resales flat...then on the day of key handling...the owner decided not to sell and is not returning the 5k deposit any sooner. what sld my fren do now? is there a need for lawyer letter? For sale of resale flat, there is a first appointment and a 2nd appointment, both typically at 6 weeks interval. PU Injection Treatment Living Room Ceiling Waterproofing ... He is helpful and will explained patiencely to me when I have doubts or problems as this is the first time I am doing this and I know nuts about it. Yesterday, 17 April 2018, HIP (HDB upgrading project team) came to my house to do the waterproofing test and guess what, we passed with flying colours! Thank you, Prima Seal and Jason for all the help. Checking the Details of Your Flat Application | ~Rainbows In ...

To create a schedule: If needed, adjust the start and end time of each day to make sure your time slots are created at the right times. For Example: If the first available appointment starts at 8am and the last available appointment ends at 5pm, you would choose the 8am start time and 5pm end time for each day.

Relocation - Singtel What should I do if I want to change my relocation date/appointment? Let us know at least 2 ... Check Your Singtel Installation or Restoration Appointment ...

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You could queue up for a HDB or pay to get a condo instantly.

Executive condominiums, or ECs as they are called, are a type of subsidized housing unique to Singapore. With incomes rising among the local population, some ... HDB D.I.Y.: 2011 Most likely you will able to make it on time ... to the HDB appointment schedule) - Two months is standard timing but it always can be faster if there is an empty slot HDB Flat Grants 101 - Which One Is For You? - Yahoo HDB Flat Grants 101 - Which One Is For ... documents and submit the form to HDB during your flat booking appointment. ... is your first time ...