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Lion kicks ass. Bear doesnt have claws wich leaves him at a disadvantage, his Jaws arent fast enough even though he has superior strength. As for Lion vs Tiger, the tiger is larger but I rely on Who would win. a bear or a tiger - answers.com Who would win. a bear or a tiger? It depends on the type of bear and tiger. Research has even shown that adult male Sloth & Sun bears are quite dangerous opponents for tigers in lower Asia.

Tiger Woods win at the 2018 Tour Championship was one of the transcedent moments of his legendary career. It gave him 80 career wins, second only to...Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus: The Tale of Polar bear vs hippo battle - who wins? | TigerDroppings.com re: Polar bear vs hippo battle - who wins? Posted by Sampson on 6/20/17 at 10:56 am to weagle99 Hippos can run faster than Usain Bolt on land and routinely charge vehicles. Animal Face-Off - Wikipedia The tiger tries a body blow, but the bear absorbs the impact without losing balance. The tiger then tries to land a killing blow on the bear's neck, but the bear pushes it down. The bear then approaches the kill, but the tiger recovers and pounces on the bear from behind, cutting him with its claws, but fails to … Tiger vs Bear vs Lion, Who will WIN? - GirlsAskGuys

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Lion vs Bear who has won more in the past? - Straight Dope ... I posted this thread before the lion vs tiger thread an the L vs T got double the views in half the time...Hmm, looks like a lion an tiger match up is more intresting Kinda like Bruce lee vs Chuck norris or Sly vs Schwarzternieger, Godzilla vs King kong type, alot of hype. This Epic, Bloody Battle Between a Tiger and Bear Will ... Tiger vs. bear fights do happen, but a zoologist told the same website that these particular fights really are unusual, and the outcome, in which the bear eventually walks away alive, is a rare ... Siberian Tiger vs Polar Bear - polarbearfacts.net Polar Bear vs Tiger – Siberian Tiger vs Polar Bear. Adult Siberian tigers weigh as much as 500 lbs while the biggest of the polar bears recorded at 1,500 lbs max. White bears and Siberian tigers share the same habitat so they are most likely to encounter each other in the wild. In this article we’re going to compare the Arctic bear with the Siberian cat as well as the Bengal tiger. Who Would Win? Lion vs. Tiger: Jerry Pallotta, Rob Bolster ...

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Historically, a comparison of the tiger (Panthera tigris) versus the lion (Panthera leo) has been ..... If a tiger and a lion had a fight, which one would win? Well, I've seen .... counterparts. The two sides, nicknamed the "Asian tigers" and "African lions" have also been compared. ..... "Tiger, lion and bear form unusual friendship ". Grizzly Bear vs Siberian Tiger Fight Comparison - Compare Animal Aug 15, 2014 ... Grizzly Bear vs Siberian Tiger is the best suited fight and to know who is going to win the fight then read this article on compare Grizzly Bear vs ... Which would win in a fight, a tiger or a bear? - Quora

Polar bear vs hippo battle - who wins? - On land? In the water? Assume temperature is comfortable for both. Its only desire in life is to bite things in half Polar bear: 1,000 lbs. Enjoys a nice Coca-cola while watching its children play in the snow. Its only desire in life is to chomp on a seal for dinner. ... LSU Takes Series vs. Auburn ...

You will get free spins with the Tiger on reels 2, 3 and 4 and an additional 4 if he wins the battle. If you go for the Bear you will chose between Bear claws until you hit the “stopper”, if the Bear wins the battle all your winnings will be doubled. How to play the Tiger vs Bear African Lion vs. Bengal Tiger vs. Grizzly Bear vs. Saltwater ... The trex rips them all to shreds in the bonus round. I have no clue who wins the main match the bear beats the lion and tiger, but loses to the crocodile. The tiger beats the lion, and possibly the crocodile if it gets on its back, and the lion loses to everyone else in the match. Grizzly bear (kodiak) vs lion; tiger vs silverback who ya got ... Kodiak kills lion Tiger kills Silverback In a straight up cage fight Bear wins against tiger if it is a situation where they are just placed in an outdoor environment where the tiger can hide and ambush per their usual style then the Tiger whens. Which would win in a fight, a tiger or a bear? - Quora

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Tiger vs Bear Slot Review & Where to Play Online The Tiger VS Bear slot machine takes you in to the snowy Siberian wilderness and puts two ferocious beast head to head. Tiger vs Bear Slot - Who will be Victor! Tiger vs Bear is a slot that showcases the thrilling match of strength! Feel the power of free spins, wilds and scatters. Click here to read our review! Dire Wolf vs Saber-Toothed Tiger Fight: Who Wins? A fight between a dire wolf and a saber-toothed tiger would have pitted each animal's considerable strengths against the other's weaknesses.

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